birthday boy

 superman shachar is 4 years old

!it's been such an exciting day

,big chocolate cake,

candles were blown

…birthday songs sung

…and baloons were chased wearing only underwear

{?..superman or not}

with all that was going on

we forgot to give him

,the superman outfit we got for him

.so he got it right before bedtime

like the saying

Clothes make the man

that cloths sure made this little man

{big smile}

poses were made all over the place

and finaly he stood on his bed

-and said

.look mom it's the same as my picture on the wall

.it feels me with love- he said

…and wore it to sleep

-and i say

my dear beloved boy

!!!you bring so much JOY

!!!may you always LIVE your DREAMS to reality

!happy birthday 2u




incase you are wandering

?..why on earth does the wall look pink

it's because it is


it used to be alma's pink wall over her bed

but they decided to swap

and each took the photos above their bed

and hung them by themselves

…on the opposite walls

?don't you just gotta love them for it

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6 תגובות ל-“birthday boy

  1. rinat

    It fills my heart with love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 BELLISSIMO! 🙂


  2. shosh

    פשוט נפלא,אין עליו!!!שכל הברכות יחולו על ראשו וששמחת החיים,החיוך והאושר ילוו אותו ויהיו מנת חלקו תמידדדדדדדדדדדדד. אגב למה באנגלית ולא בשפתנו-שפת הקודש היפהפיה??


    Glad to hear he had such an amazing day 🙂


  4. אמנם קצת באיחור אבל המון המון מזל טוב!


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